IT WAS NEVER GOING TO EASY – Interview with Coach Mr Mafu

IT WAS NEVER GOING TO EASY – Interview with Coach Mr Mafu

The PR team had an opportunity to sit down with the Head Coach Mr Mafu to find out about the preparations and the way the team has started the season.

How were your preparations for this game.

BM. It’s really difficult to tell especially coming from two losses and a draw. I have picked up a bit of nervousness from the team but as the week progressed there is hope that we would have covered a lot of this football issues that are keeping us down.

Can you elaborate on this football issues Coach?

BM. Generally people will say we missing chances created but we believe that before we can score we need to ensure that it’s not easy for the opposition to score. We have on numerous occasions lost our tactical discipline especially in defence. I believe this team is capable of scoring at any given time but we need to shut the back door first then score.

Has the injuries in some way had an effect on the team.

BM. Definitely. We having Mogau Tshehla who has been a regular for the past three seasons out since the league resumed. We also have Doctor Skhosana who will be sitting out his second game this week due to a calf strain alongside Mahlatse Mhlabine with a knee problem. Lebo Lemena who has dislocated his finger and Peter Mubayiwa with a muscle strain are due for a late fitness test. The injuries had a huge impact especially in planning because we lost key profiles of the group. Fortunately we will be having Sipho Mkungo back for this game.

Your take on the slow start to the season compared to last season.

BM. I would not say it’s a slow start because if you look at our first game of the season where we won away and the performance everyone was happy. I expected a slow start as we have lost almost the entire team that were regulars last season. This situation we finding ourselves in is purely on bad defending and correct decisions not been taken by those responsible. It’s not like we don’t know what’s wrong but we know and what needs to be done to correct this situation. We will continuously look at different ways of resolving this football challenges.

Your take on the new recruits.

BMI believe they all have potential which is different from a performance. Allen Lebyane is the only experienced campaigner recruited and he joined us late as he had no team and was not training but as the season continues he is going to be useful. Leabua Lemena played his full game last week and everyone saw the potential and he fitted well. Shelembe Sici just needs to get his level of fitness to acceptable condition and he will be vital for us as a team. We have not yet stopped in trying to recruit players that will assist us in realising our dream hence we playing the likes of Africa Youth Sports Academy where most of this out of contract players are keeping themselves fit. We know what it will take to compete and the players that are needed to do so.

Where do you want to see the team come end of the first round?

BM. The target is 30 points.

Your plan for Sunday’s game?

BM. We have not yet seen them play but the log is not lying. They are a decent side with a very experienced Coach. We will approach the game with caution but the aim is to go there and get maximum points. All I can predict is that it won’t be a high scoring game.

Your message to the community and soccer loving people of our Region Nkangala and the Province.

BM. I know that they are not happy with the current situation but they can be rest assured that we building a team that they going to love. We not going to stop at anything in ensuring that we reward the support that they have shown. One thing that I know is that come end of the season we will be there.

Thanks Mr.Mafu and good luck moving forward.

BM. Thanks and especially those who have shown concern and offer their assistance where possible. We really appreciate all the support.


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23rd Oct 2016